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A development platform that helps companies have a standardized way of building infrastructure and shipping applications.

about microtica

How Microtica Began

The idea dates from 2017 when we were working on various projects that demanded great scalability and better communication between developers. It was hard to move people from one project to another since the devs on the various projects followed their own processes and used their own tools. There was little reusability across projects and the performance of the teams varied.

That’s when we felt the need for DevOps automation and decided to build our in-house tool that would solve our problems. This tool enabled all our developers to work independently, without having to wait for others to solve broken CI/CD setup. After it made a lot of our processes easier, we realized that it can do the same for other dev teams as well. 

Trying to find a solution to our problem was the spark that lighted the idea of Microtica.

Who We Are

microtica team
microtica team
microtica team
microtica team

Our Core Values​

Onboard your developers to work
in the cloud in just days.
Offload them from setting up and maintaining the delivery process.
Focus on delivering value to customers, instead of handling infrastructure and operations.
Gain confidence in your projects.
A complete overview of the whole software delivery for everyone involved in the process.
One tool with full control.
quotesWe had an idea but not quite the technology infrastructure and expertise. Microtica enabled us to focus on our product, providing technical solutions for rapid development and a faster go-to-market.

Aleksandra Janakievska
Founder & CEO, We Are Laika


Companies that build better products with Microtica

From infrastructure setup to delivery automation, join these industry-breaking companies who see Microtica as a partner to start and grow with.