Feature Announcement: Cloud Waste Advisor

cloud waste advisor

Cloud waste is a huge challenge for every organization. In enterprise cloud adoption, it’s typical for expenses to ramp up until a major cost-related incident or another turning point occurs. Then, cloud costs become a severe concern. As a result, there is an immediate need for accountability and monitoring. Moreover, discontent with the bill’s complexity and a deep willingness to cut costs as fast as possible also appear.

Being on top of the cloud spendings and potential cost optimization is a time-consuming job. It requires a dedicated effort from team members. It’s a concern that has to be addressed since the beginning of the development process in order to avoid incidents.

To tackle this challenge, we are excited to announce a built-in Cloud Waste Advisor in Microtica.

The truth is, developers want to spend more time on coding than monitoring cloud spendings. This has always been a job for the finance team.

That’s why we have integrated the Cloud Waste Advisor directly into Microtica. This feature will allow developers and DevOps engineers to always be on top of their cloud resource utilization state, with no additional effort required.

The Cloud Waste Advisor

We are making this even easier by integrating the advisor with our Infrastructure Builder feature. This means that now, when you are building the infrastructure, you will be able to see the state of not utilized resources for a specific environment and react upon this information.

cloud waste advisor - showing recommendations

You can go even deeper and see if a specific component within an environment contains cloud resources that you aren’t using.

The Cloud Waste Advisor is automatically enabled in the Infrastructure Builder, with no additional configurations required.

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