60% Faster Development Time with Microtica

Company Info:

Creating customer-centric products & services with innovative approaches.

Company Motto:

We make positive changes by empowering innovation.

Solveo helps ambitions companies build test and launch new products.

They create customer-centric products & services with innovative approaches. Moreover, they help companies develop a different mindset about the creation of new business ideas. 

With their unique approach, they help their clients create sustainable growth engines. This helps them strengthen their market position and thrive in a constantly changing environment.

They started off as a service-based company. Their goal is to scale their business by offering tech solutions that will help their clients.

Solveo Digital is an extension of our vision of how innovation should be delivered. It’s a platform where multiple teams internal and external can collaborate on a given task or challenge in order to deliver the most customer-centric solution to the clients’ problem. 

While building the first iteration of their product, Microtica helped their team of only 2 developers build backend infrastructure components and multiple microservices containing the business logic. These components and microservices are useful today, while they are building the newest version of the Solveo Digital product.

With Microtica, Solveo shortened their platform’s development time by 60%. They were able to iterate through their idea without spending too much on the newer version.