Control Center

Define & manage the developer self-service portal - create infrastructure components, set up reusable templates, establish best practice guardrails, implement access control, define and publish APIs and more.

Enabling Developers
to Serve Themselves

Dev teams are empowered with an intuitive UI for spinning up new environments. Just select from pre-configured infrastructure templates, connect your application code and deploy! For power users who want a bit more control, there are also CLI and API interfaces.

How it Works

Three primary functions:

Control Center


Package cloud resources as code into self-service components


Build infrastructure templates by combining multiple components


Share components and infrastructure templates with devs

Create Reusable
Components and Templates

Microtica allows Ops to create and assemble battle-tested infrastructure Components using Terraform or CloudFormation. Components are then combined with best practices for security, compliance, and performance and packaged as a library of ready-to-provision Templates that developers can select from.

The developers no longer have to deal with the heavy lifting of infrastructure creation.

Define infrastructure
configuration interface

Expose only the configuration that is relevant for the developers, anything else will be abstracted within the component itself. Provide devs a pre-set defaults while giving them the flexibility to configure the infrastructure within the boundary defined by the Ops.

Deploy from Git to
production in a minute

Git-push combined with declarative pipelines means you can deploy to the cloud in less than a minute. Microtica uses Git as the single source of truth for everything from your application source code to your infrastructure components.

This single reference point for all code and configuration files dramatically enhances system observability, compliance, and automated rollbacks.

Share infrastructure
with devs

Components and templates are published to the Developer Portal so that developers can provision their own infrastructure.

However, the Ops team controls which components, templates and deployment environments are accessible to developers. These controls can be set at an individual, team, or role level.

Key Benefits


Task Automation

Nobody in Ops wants to keep doing the same thing. With Microtica, repetitive tasks are automated and Ops is at the center of the development process. You are no longer the bottleneck; you are the developers’ best friend!


Best Practices

The idea of infrastructure on-demand can bring visions of uncontrolled use of cloud resources. Fear not. The Control Center promotes the creation of templates that adhere to GitOps best practices and sound architecture design.


Single Source of Truth

Ever attempt to apply your DevOps process across multiple projects and teams? It’s often a scripting and version control mess. With Microtica, Git provides a single store for software versions, configuration files and the source of truth for compliance and security audits.