Developer Portal

Web-based UI that allows developers to spin up and test new infrastructure in minutes by selecting from libraries of reusable components and environment templates. When ready, apps are packaged into Docker images for rapid deployment to your Kubernetes clusters on your cloud platform of choice.

Cloud Infrastructure

Dev teams are empowered with an intuitive UI for spinning up new environments. Just select from pre-configured infrastructure templates, connect your application code and deploy! For power users who want a bit more control, there are also CLI and API interfaces.

How it Works

Three primary functions:

Developer Portal


Spin up infrastructure on-demand from ready-made templates


Connect your app source code and deploy with git-push


Monitor the current state of your app and infrastructure deployments

Spin up infrastructure
from ready-made templates

Select from ready-made components and templates to spin up a complete infrastructure for your apps with a built-in security, monitoring and scalability.

From Kubernetes clusters to any kind of database, the underlying infrastructure is provisioned without a single line of code.

Deploy apps with git-push

Push your code in Git and your apps are automatically deployed in the cloud with our built-in integration with Kubernetes. Change app configs and choose scaling settings all from UI.

Monitor apps & infrastructure
state in real time

Know the state of your apps and infrastructure at any point of time. App resource consumption and real-time logs. What’s deployed on DEV or PRODUCTION environment and by whom.

Trace the deployed changes back to the Git commit and quickly rollback to a previous version.

Ready To Use Components


AWS Dynamo DB

Infrastructure component for AWS DynamoDB table setup



AWS S3 bucket component with available access control



Infrastructure component for complete Kubernetes setup on AWS


MySql Database

AWS RDS MySql serverless database with backup and scaling support



Infrastructure component for managed Redis in-memory store


Virtual Private Cloud

AWS VPC infrastructure setup with private and public subnets support

Key Benefits


Developer Self-Service

Developers can spin up new cloud infrastructure in minutes. No more getting in the Ops queue just to create a new environment.


Code, Connect, Deploy

Integrated CI/CD functionality. Just connect your app to an environment template and deploy.


Automated Rollbacks

Using Git as a single point of reference, rollbacks are handled automatically when something goes wrong after a deploy.


Deployment Insights

Our insights dashboard makes sure you are always aware of the state of your apps and infrastructure and exactly how it got there.