Create pipelines

Microtica allows you to create pipelines from GUI through Microtica Portal.

To get familiar with pipeline concepts we recommend reading Introduction to Pipelines first.

#Creating new Pipeline

You can create new pipeline by clicking on Pipelines in the left sidebar and then clicking on Create Pipeline button.

Enter a name for the pipeline and then enter the details for the pipeline source:

  • Git Account – an existing Git account connected through Microtica Portal
  • Git Repository – a Git repository to pull the source code from
  • Branch – trigger this pipeline for branches that match the regex
  • Sub-directory – Pipeline will trigger only if files under this directory change. Microtica will expect to find microtica.yaml file under this directory.
  • Tigger on Git push – if selected, the pipeline will be automatically triggered on every push on a specified branch
Create Pipeline form

You can also add environment variables that will be provided on each pipeline execution and can be referenced in the pipeline YAML spec.

Pipeline environment variables

Learn more about pipeline variables and how you can use them in the pipeline spec here.

Click on Create Pipeline button at the bottom and you will be redirected to the pipeline details page.

#Define pipelines with inline editor

In Microtica, you can either specify the pipeline YAML in microtica.yaml file from your source code or using the inline editor.

Override pipeline YAML

microtica.yaml has a higher priority over inline pipeline spec.

If microtica.yaml is detected in the repo, it will always override the inline YAML.

Pipeline inline editor

You can write your pipeline YAML in the Portal directly and get the syntax errors right in the editor.

In the right sidebar you can choose from the built-in steps provided by Microtica. Each step contains a short description, link to more detailed documentation and example YAML spec.

Deploy on Kubernetes built-in step

When ready, click on Save button and the next time you trigger the pipeline, the new pipeline spec will be executed.