Your apps. Deployed on any cloud.
In minutes.

Self-service Cloud infrastructure creation and app deployment in minutes.

Our Mission

Help Dev & Ops Teams Get More Done

We’ve lived the headache of constantly setting up and debugging infrastructure when we just wanted to develop great apps.

With Microtica’s pre-configured infrastructure components and templates, everyone gets more done.

How it Works

Developer Portal


Spin up infrastructure on-demand from ready-made templates


Connect your app source code and deploy with git-push


Monitor the current state of your app and infrastructure deployments


Control Center


Package cloud resources as code into self-service components


Build infrastructure templates by combining multiple components


Share components and infrastructure template with devs

The Microtica Advantage


Self-Service Infrastructure for Developers

Developers provision their own cloud resources to test and deploy their apps. The Ops team enhances and maintains the Microtica platform to maximize productivity for everyone.


Integrated CI/CD

A simple and intuitive UI that enables developers to rapidly connect their apps to pre-packaged infrastructure templates and deploy to the cloud in minutes. API and CLI interfaces also available.


GitOps Best Practices

By using Git as the single source of truth for both infrastructure and applications, the Ops team enjoys dramatic improvements in system observability, reliable rollbacks, and logs for compliance.
See our GitOps articles here.


Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud infrastructure costs can quickly get out of control for software-led organizations. With its Cloud Waste Manager, Microtica monitors and adapts infrastructure utilization 24×7 and has shown to reduce infrastructure costs by up to 70%.

You Choose the
Technology and Tools

Microtica integrates with the technology and tools you are already using and love.

Whether it’s a source control manager, monitoring, security scanner, cloud platform, or test automation tool.