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Microtica is abstracting complex cloud setup and automation on AWS

How It Works

App development as easy as building a Lego house

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Declarative Pipelines

Connect GitHub or Bitbucket as a source for your pipeline definition. Run your build and test steps automatically on each commit.


Use components to create parts of cloud infrastructure. Choose from our ready-to-use components or develop your own.


Combine components in isolated environments to design workable cloud infrastructure. Replicate environments with one click.

Automated Deployment

Deploy infrastructure on the cloud and deliver microservices in Kubernetes. Monitor clusters with Kubernetes Dashboard.

Ready To Use Components

Reusable pieces of user defined cloud infrastructure, they are meant to be created once and reused as many times as you need. This solves the problem of needing to rewrite or adopt the infrastructure every time you want to reuse it in another project or product you are developing.

Their reusability also comes from their isolation, they should not reference each other unless it is done through the Microtica configuration page, making them independent. Microtica provides ready-to-use components that can handle your infrastructure.

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AWS Dynamo DB

Infrastructure component for AWS DynamoDB table setup



AWS S3 bucket component with available access control



Infrastructure component for complete Kubernetes setup on AWS


MySql Database

AWS RDS MySql serverless database with backup and scaling support



Infrastructure component for managed Redis in-memory store


Virtual Private Cloud

AWS VPC infrastructure setup with private and public subnets support

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