Reduce AWS costs on
non-production environments

Automate your cloud sleep cycles. Wake cloud up only when you need it. Invest the savings back in your business.


We are simplifying cost optimization by focusing on non-production environments only
and cloud resources that have the biggest cost impact.


Custom sleep schedules

Define custom-scheduled sleep cycles. Once saving mode is activated, Microtica goes in autopilot mode and takes care of the rest. If you need the cloud in a certain moment, you can bring it back manually right away.


Cost savings and forecasts dashboard

Observe and monitor your savings in one place. Highlight the most expensive resources in your cloud account. Get a cloud spending forecast to better plan your cloud budget.


Email and Slack notifications (coming soon)

Receive weekly/monthly saving reports and forecasts on email and Slack. With this, you'll always be up-to-date with your savings without having to login to your AWS account and perform complex analysis.


How it Works

Connect your AWS account

Grant us least privilege permissions to your AWS account(s). We need the access to start/stop EC2 and RDS instances and monitor your savings.

Configure custom sleep cycles

Define your custom cloud sleep schedules. Once your are ready, just activate the schedule and everything else will run in autopilot mode.

Monitor savings

Get a detailed overview of your spendings and savings. Get notified via email or Slack and always be up-to-date, no matter where you are.