With Microtica, everyone can focus on what they do best

A fine balance between powerful features for developers and accessibility for non-developers

Spin up infrastructure on-demand from ready-made templates

From Kubernetes clusters to any kind of database, the underlying infrastructure is provisioned without a single line of code. Your infrastructure setup should be a business asset, not an engineering challenge.

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Connect your app source code and deploy with git-push

Push your code in Git and your apps are automatically deployed in the cloud with our built-in integration with Kubernetes. Change app configs and choose scaling settings — all from UI.

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Monitor the current state of your app and infrastructure deployments

App resource consumption and real-time logs. Trace the deployed changes back to the Git commit and quickly rollback to a previous version.

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Enhance your app delivery

Spin up new environments through an intuitive UI

Developer self-service

No more getting in the Ops queue just to create a new environment.

Code, connect, deploy

Integrated CI/CD functionality. Just connect your app to an environment template and deploy.

Automated rollbacks

Using Git as a single point of reference, rollbacks are handled automatically when something goes wrong after a deploy.

Deployment insights

Our insights dashboard makes sure you are always aware of the state of your apps and infrastructure and exactly how it got there.

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