Rade Despodovski


Kubernetes for App Developers: Helpful or Overwhelming?

If you are a developer on the planet Earth, chances are you hear about Kubernetes at least 3 times a...

Kubernetes Namespaces

New Feature Alert – Create Kubernetes Namespaces from Microtica’s Dashboard

What are Kubernetes Namespaces? In Kubernetes, namespaces provide a mechanism for isolating a group of related resources (e.g. Pod, Deployment)...

Platform Engineering Team

3 Reasons Why Your Platform Engineering Team Isn’t Awesome (And How To Fix It)

Nowadays, a platform engineering team is known as a group of DevOps engineers, that have experience with the cloud and...


How to Complete Infrastructure Code Reviews Like a PRO

Being a product focused on GitOps as a practice for infrastructure automation, I thought it would be a good idea...

serverless translation solution

Serverless Infrastructure Component for a Translation Solution

In an era where technology is massively rising, it is crucial to consider the importance of customizability and reusability as...


Why is GitOps Good for Developers and Operations
(and their career)?

Cloud-native engineers have a variety of job titles and roles throughout their career. From Ops to DevOps to GitOps, the...