Feature Announcement: Cloud Waste Reports

cloud waste reports

Cloud waste is an emerging problem within organizations since a lot of them have problems following cloud costs. Cloud waste, while momentarily invisible, will result in a lot of unnecessary spending that could be used for more important items. Companies are wasting a lot of money on the cloud, which is also confirmed by studies. They’re mismanaging resources on unneeded properties and using up more space than they need. To cut cloud prices, AWS customers often use rightsizing, arranging, and purchasing Reserved Instances for predictable workloads.

That’s why we are constantly adding new features to help our users optimize their cloud waste and reduce unecessary costs. Starting from today, you can opt-in to receive monthly cloud waste reports on a weekly basis on your email. The weekly report gives you a breakdown of your spendings per cloud account, savings for the current month as well as the findings for low utilized cloud resources.

cloud waste reports

The weekly reports contain the following:

  • Currently monthly spendings
  • Estimated spending for the current month
  • Estimated saving for the current month
  • Waste Advisor findings for low utilized cloud resources
cloud waste reports

These reports will save you a lot of time that you will usually spend reviewing complicated cloud bills by automating the process. It would also eventually aid your company’s growth by allowing you to repurpose more assets for market research and expansion, as well as marketing efforts for your products and services.

Check out our comprehensive guide on creating an AWS cost optimization strategy.

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